About 6.5 Million LinkedIn Passwords Leaked

Posted: June 10, 2012 by makaranddalal in Uncategorized

About 6.5 million passwords belonging to LinkedIn have been leaked.


And almost 60% of the passwords have been cracked already. i.e its Encryption have been cracked

LinkedIn passwords were encrypted using SHA-1 Algorithm but weren’t salted apparently, which made it pretty easy for the hackers to crack them.

  • The process of adding an extra string to the pre-encryption of the password so as to make it tougher or less prone to attacks like these is called “salting”.
Although salted passwords can still be cracked, it’s a longer process and that would have given LinkedIn – and users – more time to react. Although the company eventually confirmed that the password list was, indeed, authentic, and then locked down those accounts compromised, the fear is that users may have relied on the same credentials for other sites and services which could now be subject to unauthorized access.


LinkedIn says it will now be salting all passwords – including those of compromised users who will be forced to change their password before regaining access to their account – so as to add an extra barrier to attack.

Detail about this is given on the LinkedIn Blog.


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